In sliding and hinged door and window systems, different types of opening models are defined. In opening systems, straps are used to install and assemble the handle.
The belt can be made of aluminum or polyamide, which in new assembly systems, for various reasons, the priority is to use polyamide belts, and in this regard, Ata Polymer Company, in addition to the use of a special polyamide compound to produce belt straps has improved the conditions for replacing polyamide belts with aluminum straps.

The differences between polyamide belts and its aluminum type include the following:

  • Providing the belt in a roll and minimizing the waste of the consumed product, as a result of being economically viable and helping to reduce the cost price of the fittings used in the window in comparison with the price of the aluminum belt
  • Helping to drain water easily
  • Compatibility with all types of fittings systems
  • Having sufficient flexibility and strength against perforation and impact
  • Ability to install faster and easier