Ata Polymer Sanat Aras Company, as a manufacturer of various types of polyamide insulation sections, with the effort to achieve excellence of all companies in Iran and abroad, has designed and implemented its quality management system based on the ISO9001: 2015- standard.

Relying on the principle of “customer orientation” and emphasizing adherence to commitments, observance of values, effort and teamwork, the management of this company has put the following items at the forefront of its work:

  • Improving the level of customer satisfaction
  • Increase participation, improve knowledge and develop staff skills
  • Creating and improving appropriate infrastructure
  • Continuous improvement of process performance and implementation of modern management systems
  • Increasing the competitiveness of production and sales in regional, national and global markets

We believe that by adhering to continuous improvement, observing legal requirements and standards, promoting a culture of self-confidence, self-control and self-sufficiency, and by attracting the participation of all stakeholders and developing an environment full of love, empathy and intimacy, we will provide the company with prosperity and success.

Certainly, the Ata Polymer family of Aras industry is trying to become a suitable model for the industrial society of Islamic Iran, the region and the world.